Board Members

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GNA School Officials

Mr. Tony Prushinski, President
Mrs. Wendy Wiaterowski-Graves, Vice-President
Mr. Frank Shepanski, Jr., Treasurer
Mrs. Megan Tennesen, Secretary
Mr. Mark Cardone
Mr. David Hornlein

Mrs. Erika Jacobs
Mr. Dave Vnuk
Mr. Chet Beggs

The school board holds work sessions and voting meetings on the same night.
They will be the second Thursday following the second Wednesday of the month,
at 7 p.m. at the High School.


We, the members of the Greater Nanticoke Area Board of Education, mindful of our obligations to our students and our community, do conceive these concepts as valuable.

We believe that the purpose of education is the growth and development of the student's entire personality. Our purpose is to develop the intellect through the learning process so that our graduates will be able to function effectively in society.

In the belief that the basic unit of society is the individual, we shall endeavor to provide educational opportunities which recognize individual differences in abilities, aptitude, and interest, and which will prepare our students for useful and responsible citizenship.

It is our conviction that a responsibility of our school system to develop the student collectively and intelligently to the maximum of his/her capacity. We further maintain that this intellectual development cannot be separated from the moral, emotional, physical, and social development of the individual.

We believe that education takes place in a variety of ways. Therefore, the individual should be exposed to an academic atmosphere of variety while being assisted in correlating the numerous facets of the learning process.

We strive to provide complete and accurate information in basic and interrelated subject areas through a well prepared teaching staff.

We believe that while our essential obligation is to the youth of our community, we have a commitment to all people of the community.

Basic to all principles of the educational philosophy, we believe that the school is in existence primarily to stimulate thinking processes, to develop skill basic to the changing needs of our economy and culture, and to provide direction in respect to moral and spiritual values in a democratic society.