Chromebook Policies

District Chromebook Policies

The Greater Nanticoke Area School District (GNASD) will be issuing Chromebooks to ALL students in grades 3 through 12.

Each student in grades 3 through 12 will be issued a district owned Chromebook along with a charger for the device.

The Chromebook and its charger are the property of GNASD and are loaned to the student for educational purposes only.

New Chromebooks will be given to all students entering the 3rd, 6th, and 9th grades during the first few weeks of classes. Students in 6th and 9th grades must return their old Chromebook and charger to receive their new device. Students in 12th grade must return their device before graduation.

New students enrolling in the district will be provided with a Chromebook after they begin classes in the district.

GNASD is partnering with Worth Avenue Group for the 23-24 school year to provide an affordable Chromebook insurance option for students and parents of the district. The cost will be $25.00 and provide coverage against accidental damage and theft for the school year. The open enrollment period for students was from 8/30/23 to 9/12/23. Newly enrolled students after 9/12/23 can purchase the insurance plan within the first two weeks of enrolling in the district.

For more information regarding the insurance program, click here.

Repairs and Replacement Costs
If you do not purchase the above insurance option, any damage (intentional or accidental) or loss or theft of any district Chromebook or charger is the financial responsibility of the student and parent/guardian. If the device fails and shows no signs of physical or liquid damage, there will be no charge for repairs or replacement.

All repairs must be done by the Greater Nanticoke Area Technology Department. A Chromebook returned to the district may be used in other capacities. We have to be able to guarantee the quality of the work and parts on the device. An improperly repaired Chromebook can be a fire hazard.

If a Chromebook is damaged, we will attempt to repair or replace the necessary parts. Cost of parts can fluctuate at any time based on market conditions. As of right now the cost for commonly damaged parts are as follows:

  • Full Device Replacement - $200.00
  • Display (Non Touch) - $40.00
  • Display (Touch, HP x360 G3 model, 4th Grade Only) - $90.00 
  • Motherboard - $100.00
  • Display Bezel - $20.00
  • Hinge Cover - $20.00
  • Keyboard - $80.00
  • Palm Rest Assembly - $40.00
  • Touchpad - $30.00
  • Charging/USB-C Port - $30.00
  • Display Cover - $40.00
  • Bottom Cover - $40.00
  • Charger - $30.00
Damage to units loaned to the student during an insurance repair is charged at half of the above rates. Damages to the loaner devices are not covered under the insurance plan.

We do not charge a markup for labor or any other reason, we only charge to recover the cost of the parts used in the repair in order to keep the Chromebook program functioning.

Chromebook Support and Helpdesk
Students with issues or questions on using the Chromebook should first contact their teacher. For any issue that cannot be resolved by their teacher, we provide students and parents/guardians access to our Helpdesk. Our Helpdesk is run internally by members of the Technology Department.
To contact the helpdesk, simply send an email to [email protected]. Please include your first name, last name, and a detailed description of your problem.
Emailing the Helpdesk is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with a member of the GNASD Technology Department.

Chromebook Rules
The student is responsible for the device at all times, whether on campus or not.
Family members and friends should not use the Chromebook. It is assigned to be used by the student alone.

  • Do not share your device with other students.
  • Do not borrow a device from another student.
  • Do not share passwords and/or usernames.
  • Do not damage or remove any serial numbers or tags placed on the unit.
  • Do not apply any of your own stickers, markers, labels, or writing of any kind.
  • Do not eat, drink, or store food/liquids near your Chromebook.
  • Students are responsible for bringing their Chromebook to school each day with a full charge.
  • Do not place anything heavy or lean on the top of your Chromebook.
  • Do not place anything on the keyboard, as if you forget it is there and close it, you can damage the display.
  • Never carry your Chromebook with the screen open.
  • To clean the screen, use a soft cloth lightly damp with water. Microfiber cloths are best. Do not spray anything directly on the screen.
  • Never use any cleaners with ammonia or alcohol, these can damage the film covering the display.
  • Always carefully insert and remove the charger or any other device from the Chromebook.
  • Do not leave your Chromebook unattended in a public area without supervision, such as an unlocked car or locker.
  • Do not place a Chromebook in a bag with other heavy objects.

Internet Safety
The District utilizes the Lightspeed Relay content filter. This content filter is compliant with the federally mandated Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). All Chromebooks, whether on or off campus, will have Internet activity filtered and monitored. Even with this filter in use, it is impossible to guarantee that all controversial or inappropriate materials will be blocked. Parental monitoring of the student when using the Chromebook at home is encouraged. 
If any inappropriate material is discovered to get through the filter, please report it to the Helpdesk and we will investigate.

Acceptable Use Policy
By enrolling in our district, signing your student handbook, or receiving your district issued Chromebook, you agree to use district technology in accordance with the district Technology Acceptable Use Policy found here. The Acceptable Use Policy governs the use of all technology systems, including, but not limited to, Chromebooks, iPads, email systems, desktop computers, and others.

Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy will result in disciplinary action.

Chromebook Returns and Receipts
If a student graduates, transfers, or withdraws, the device must be returned at that time to the Principal's Office of the building your student attended. If a device is not returned, parents/guardians will be charged the full cost of the device to replace it.

All devices must be returned to the district in good working condition with the original charger included. If any damage is found when the device is returned, the student will be charged a fee for any replacement parts or equipment necessary to repair it.

Chromebooks MUST be returned to a secretary in a Principal's Office, the Security Booth in the High School, or to your Cyber School Coordinator. You will be provided a receipt for the return. If a student leaves a Chromebook in class, a locker, or any other area without receiving a receipt for its return, the Greater Nanticoke Area School district will not be responsible for finding it.

Failure to Pay
Failure to pay any fee associated with damages or loss of the Chromebook or its original charger, intentional or otherwise, may result in the Chromebook being withheld until the debt is paid. The debt may be given to a collections agency as a last resort.