The Greater Nanticoke Area School District has received its PSSA scores from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and is busy planning educational strategies to insure all students are successful on the state required exams. One building, the Greater Nanticoke Area High School, has been placed on the School Improvement list because of its performance in grades 8 and 11. District administrators, school directors, and professional staff are currently analyzing the data from the PSSAs and are formulating specific committees to develop curriculum to improve student performance.

The test was administered to all students grades 3 through 8 and grade 11, and results showed improvement on all levels grades 3 through 7. The district has already purchased new math textbooks, it developed a tutoring program last year to assist students, and it continues to find ways to get parents involved in the educational process. The school district is teaching its staff to hone in on those particular areas the state feels will enhance student progress. Last year's scores will be sent home with students the end of the week of September 11th, and parents are encouraged to analyze their child's results. A parent who has questions can contact the guidance counselor and/or principal in the respective schools.