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Frequently Asked QuestionS
Here are the answers to some of the questions that are frequently asked in computer class.


Scratch FAQs
For help with using Scratch please see the Scratch Info Page below:


Why don't my headphones work?
Before you go looking for a new set of headphones because yours aren't working, please try the following troubleshooting techniques:
1. Check that the headphones are plugged in the GREEN port.
2. Check the computer's volume properties:
START > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume Control
3. Check the volume control on the headphones.


Why is this website blocked?
The school district uses software to filter websites based on their content. Websites that are deemed not to be of educational value or contain elements that may not be within the scope of the district's mission in terms of educational computing are filtered or blocked. Sites that include gaming, profane language, chat rooms, and visual search engines, etc. are all filtered by the server.
I can't right-click, how do I copy and paste?

Although the right-click feature of the mouse is disabled when using Internet Explorer, you can still use the right-click feature in all Microsoft Office Programs.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to accomplish the same tasks:
Copy - Ctrl + C
Paste - Ctrl + V
Cut - Ctrl + X

Why do we need to learn how to type?
With the ever increasing use of computers in everyday life, as well as in higher education, the keyboard is an instrument that needs to be mastered. By spending a little time now at a younger age learning the proper techniques for typing, you can save yourself later on when you waited until the last minute to start writing your research paper, or when your boss is waiting for your reports.