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Mrs. Sharon Baddick - GNA Elementary Center - Principal

Mr. John Gorham - Kennedy Elementary - Principal

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We strive to make our elementary schools places where children can grow and develop into people who will be knowledgeable, happy, and productive in our society. This goal can only be realized if parents, teachers, and administrators work together for the benefit of our children.
We wish both you and your child a happy school year!
Mrs. Sharon Baddick - GNA Elementary Center - Principal
Mr. John Gorham - Kennedy Elementary - Principal
2016-2017 Calendar

Please note: This is a revised calendar with all snow make-up days included.
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2nd & 5th Grade Information
Our 5th grade classrooms are temporarily assigned to the Educational Center as we complete the primary center building project. However, the 5th grade will remain an elementary grade and, as such, will follow the same schedule as students in grades K-4.
Our 2nd grade students are now assigned to the Elementary Center
until our building project is completed.