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Accident Insurance
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Nanticoke makes security changes for school year
Susan Bettinger - Times Leader

Recently appointed Greater Nanticoke Area Superintendent Ron Grevera announced several changes to increase safety at the high school that will be implemented this school year at Thursday’s school board meeting.

The new policies include:
• All staff will now be required to wear ID badges at all times while on the school’s premises.
• Visitors to the school will no longer have access to roam freely around the campus.
• Visitors will have to sign in and wear visitor’s badges.
• Parents or others wishing to enter any of the offices will be escorted by a member of staff.
• There will be locking vestibule in the high school lobby.

Grevera is also asking for parents’ cooperation with the new safety and security measures. He is also hoping to get approval for the installation of additional cameras and door alarms.
Grevera also discussed the inclusion of classroom diagnostic tools being incorporated into the curriculum. The tests are a way of identifying issues and problems at an early stage and are in correlation with the PSSA tests.
“I know that our kids can do better” stated Grevera.
In other matters:
• The board approved the establishment of a Policy Committee within the school board. The committee is comprised of Wendy Kotsko-Wiaterowski, Megan Tennesen and Chairperson Tony Prushinski. The committee replaces the Planning Committee and will make decisions on matters such as safety, education and athletics policies.
• The bus stops for the 2014-2015 school year are listed on the school’s website
• The first day of classes will be Aug. 25.
The next school board meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Sept. 11.

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