Girls Soccer Preview
Citizens Voice


Coach: Rich Compton

2013 results: 4-11

Key returnees: Jordan Norton, def; Erika Pioquonto, def; Megan Purshinsky, def.; Lexi Seery, GK; Kayla Aufiero, mid; Courtney Day, fwd; Riely Klepadlo, mid; Miranda Dunn, def; Janine Levandowski, mid; Liz Mulhern, fwd; Danielle O’Connor, def; Kelsey Moran, mid.

Key newcomers: Lexi Selli, fwd; Katie Butczynski, mid; Maddie Grila, def; Taylor Zabrenski, def.

Coach’s outlook: “We are looking to build on last year. The team played better every game and we’re very young. They learned a lot and we hope to continue to learn and grow as a team.”