A "Day of Cultural Sharing" was held for fifth grade students of GNA Elementary Center when students became aware of the diversity of our society. Volunteers from the community shared with each class the ideals behind the concept.
Perry A. Clay of the Nanticoke Housing Authority shared ideas of our changing population and the attributes each cultural group offers to the community. Discussions and small group projects helped expand the learning experience for the enthusiastic students.

Telerx has donated Halloween trick-or-treat bags to elementary students in the GNA School District. The company is a leading provider of customer care solutions and is located in the Hanover Industrial Park. Joan Logie, Senior Human Resources Manager, coordinated the program.

Mrs. Polifka's class created projects related to some of nature's furies at the completion of their first reading theme entitled Nature's Fury. They made models or posters for the fury and wrote research reports.

Nanticoke Rotary Distributes Student Dictionaries to 6 third grade classes

Mrs. Stauffer's Class - "October Wellness Walk Winners"

Junior Deputy K-9 Program with "Nana" the Dog

Dave Grabinski Rock Climbing

As a culminating activity to the reading theme of Adventure, rock climber, Dave Grabinski, spoke to the third grade students about the sport of rock climbing.

Jr. Deputy Program

Mo and Miglia - MOTS MILES - 2006/2007
Mots Miles for wellness and fitness
Each class will be cahallenged to walk 2 miles per week. (You may walk more than 2 miles per week.) For every 2 miles that the teacher walks with his/her class, the class will receive a bonus mile. Eight times around the Kennedy playground equals one mile. At K.M. Smith, 6 laps on the designated course equals one mile.
Teachers will record how many miles the class does per week on a form which will be handed in at the end of the month to the PTA. It is not a record of individual miles per student, rather it is by class. There will be 2 divisions: K-2 and 3-5. At the end of each month, the class which has walked the most miles in each division will receive a $50.00 prize to use for recess equipment for the class. One student in each of the winning classes will also win a special prize. All students in the class will receive rewards.
Above: Jim Slocum from AAA recently trained the Safety Patrol in the Kennedy Gym. Mr. Slocum showed a video and talked about all of the responsibilities of the Safety Patrol

Harriet C. Kipps (pen name, Grace B. Grimm); Glen Lyon author, was a guest speaker in Mr. Sokolowski's fifth grade class in the GNA Elementary Center>
She spoke about her newest book, "Ginger and the Big Apple Rescue" on Monday, 9-11. A chapter was read from the book about the World Trade Center, and this chapter gave the children a glimpse of what "was".